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 Starting and more.  CLASSIC                                 HVT

 2        Never  change  a  running  system.  The  classic  lead-acid   The lead-acid battery type with fixed electrolyte for an-
 The best for any   battery is suitable for almost any motorcycle or scooter   yone whose motorcycle is exposed to particular stress

                                                             from shocks or vibrations. Designed for the require-
          and is the best choice when your customer wants a che-
          ap, powerful starter battery and does not want to supply
                                                             ments of Harley Davidson motorcycles with large cubic
          any additional equipment with electricity. You have relia-
                                                             capacity, 2 cylinder V engines, HVT batteries are extre-
 motorcycle.  ble starting power in 12V or 6V models, coupled with a   mely robust particularly resistant to vibration and fully
                                                             leak-proof. They are also suitable for motorcycles with
          long service life, adapted to loads in the normal motor-
                                                             a high demand for electrical energy and special applica-
          cycle range. The classic motorcycle batteries are pre-
          charged dry and are supplied with an acid pack, i.e. they
          can be stored almost without restriction before filling.  tions such as ABS (e.g. BMW) and use in snow mobiles
                                                             and jet skis.
 The sun is shining and a trip out on your motorcycle   various driver assistance systems may also be added. But
 will make the day perfect ... but it won’t start. Gone are   even leakage current can slowly but surely discharge the
 the days when every motorcycle could be started with   battery, e.g. because the cable insulation has cracked. This
 a kick. All you can do is replace the battery, can’t you?  can be measured.

 The main job of the battery in a motorcycle and other small   Depending on the area of application, there are various cri-
 vehicles with combustion engines is to supply the starter   teria that determine the right battery. If a lot more electrici-  AGM/SLA  LITHIUM
 motor with the current to start the engine. But it is not only   ty is being consumed than is delivered by the alternator, the
 cars that are getting more and more sophisticated equip-  cycle stability is the key; depending on whether the vehicle   Thanks to the Absorbent Glass Mat technology, in which   Lithium ion technology is the leading battery technology
 ment, motorcycle also have more and more consumers   is used all the year round or only sporadically (e.g. ride-on   the acid is bound into mat of fibres, these batteries are   today and is a must for drivers of two-wheel vehicles for
 that require a supply of electricity. In addition to the electric   lawnmowers or snow mobiles) on its capacity to start from   completely maintenance-free, i.e. once the battery has   whom space and weight play a part, e.g. in motor sport or
 starter motor mentioned above, the ignition and the light   cold and its self-discharge, on its leak-tightness if it is ope-  been filled for the first time, it doesn’t have to be opened   long off-road trips. This is the perfect battery for all mo-
 system, there are now navigation systems, handlebar and   rated on water (e.g. jet skis) and on its vibration resistance,   again. It is less sensitive to vibration than the classic bat-  torcycles fitted or upgraded with a high level of technical
 heating systems, communication, audio and sound systems   not only with Harleys but also trail bikes and snow mobiles   tery, brings a higher degree of safety and is ideal for ve-  equipment, together with jet skis, snow mobiles and ride-
 that are part of the standard equipment. Alarm systems and   off road.  hicles used all-year-round. AGM batteries are pre-char-  on lawnmowers, which have to be ready to use quickly at
          ged dry and delivered with a special acid pack, as a result   any time. Thanks to the adapter pads (supplied), you can
          of which they can be stored almost indefinitely.   cover 90 % of all standard battery types with 9 different
                                                             lithium batteries.


          GEL batteries are specially designed for modern motor-   intAct Bike-Power Classic                6
          cycles with a lot of electrical consumers and ABS (the acid   intAct Bike-Power AGM               8
          is held in a GEL here). They bring 30 % more starting power   intAct Bike-Power SLA             10
          with very low self-discharge, they are extremely vibrat-  intAct Bike-Power GEL                 12
          ion-resistant and thanks to the closed design, they can   intAct Bike-Power HVT                 14
          be installed in almost any position. With just a few battery   intAct Bike-Power Lithium        16
          types, they cover a multitude of motorcycle types and are
          also suitable for use in modern scooters, snow mobiles
          and jet skis.                                            SPONSORING
                                                                   Moto2 Marcel Schrötter                 18
                                                                   Moto2 Tom Lüthi                        20
                                                                   MotoE Domi Aegerter                    22
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